No Rest for the Weary

No game, no worries right?  Not so much.  That just wouldn’t be the Giant way, that’d be too easy.  Of course on a week that the Giants didn’t play, every other team in the NFC East wins their games.  The Redskins (I won’t stop using that name) beat the Chargers in a game that they had no business winning.  Dallas came back to beat Minnesota in a real thriller.  And one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time led the Eagles to an absolute rout in Oakland.  Okay, let’s be honest the Cowboys barely got by the Vikings who have Christian Ponder at QB, Nick Foles is not a great quarterback and like I said the Redskins should not have even won their game.  Alas, thus is the life of a Giants fan.  Nothing has been going well this season, so why should the bye week bring any relief.  

Now the Giants have to come out of the bye and win just to hold steady.  Sure, a win is a win and they need all they can get.  It just would have been nice to come out and get a win that maybe felt like it mattered.  The good news is, come week 10 they play Oakland at home.  It seems like it should be a favorable matchup, but honestly who knows.  I don’t know what Terrelle Pryor’s status will be, it sounds like he’ll play even if he’s not necessarily 100%.  The question is which Giants defense will we see.  The one that pounds Pryor into submission, or the one that allows Pryor to run wild.  It looked like the Giants had gotten their pass rush back last week against the Eagles which is a plus.  And if Nick Foles can do what he did yesterday to that Raider defense, than realistically Eli and Cruz should have a field day.  The other good news for week 10 is that Dalls, Washington and Philadelphia are all playing on the road.  Dallas goes into the Superdome to face New Orleans, which doesn’t seem that promising after the Saints fell to the Jets yesterday. However, I’d bet on Brees at home any day.  Washington goes into the Metrodome to take on the Vikings.  This could be anybody’s game.  Washington’s defense is terrible but so is Minnesota’s offense.  RGIII will either have a good game or Adrian Peterson will have a good game.  I’ll be rooting for AP all day.  And finally, Philadelphia heads to Lambeau to face the Packers.  If you’re going to tell me that it’s going to be a shootout between Nick Foles and Aaron Rodgers, no question I go with Rodgers every time. 

So, week 10 looks like it’s shaping up to work out in every aspect for the Giants.  That’s what has me worried.  I’ve been a Giants fan for too long to know that when it should be easy they find a way to make it difficult.  Regardless, you know who I’m picking to win this week.  GO GIANTS!!!


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